• Money Market Fund Reform

    Beginning in October, the values of some money market funds will begin to fluctuate with changes in market value rather than be fixed at $1.00. Additionally some will be required, under certain circumstances, to place redemption penalties and limitations on withdrawals.  You will likely be receiving notices regarding this in coming weeks from your custodian…. » read more

  • The New Volatility

    Recent declines in MLPs and High Yield indicate an increasingly nervous retail investor base. Individuals who made decisions almost solely on the basis of yield lack the foundation of knowledge that enables sound judgements during times of stress. Bouts of panic selling resulted. This selling occurred in the face of an economy that remains sound… » read more

  • This Holiday Season…

    We are honoring our friends and clients with a unique investment. As you know, we are passionate about building and preserving capital. We know that capital well invested can be a powerful force for good. So this holiday season, we’re making an investment in your honor that we believe will yield meaningful returns for generations… » read more