We are your CIO

In a world full of self-proclaimed financial professionals, serious investors who put their capital at risk are, all too often, not receiving the service and attention they are due. Each touts a unique gimmick or competitive advantage, but ‘trusted advisors’ frequently turn out to be nothing more than peddlers reaching for a commission. The advice they give is motivated by gut feeling, or worse, a percentage payout.

We at Paul Comstock Partners are the exception.

Comstock is your outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO), serving individuals, family groups, and institutions in making informed investment and financial decisions. We contribute our wealth of experience, our sophisticated management infrastructure and our multi-billion-dollar purchasing power to your estate, creating a complete investment solution that will successfully navigate a market that is extremely complex, but rich in opportunity. All successful investing organizations rely on a qualified CIO in order to make informed decisions. Why shouldn’t you have access to the best?

Outsourced CIO Checklist

  • Customized Portfolio – Comstock does not subscribe to the ‘not invented here’ platform.  Our experts utilize investment products of all varieties, depending on what’s right for the client. Comstock’s robust research department provides due diligence on all types of investable assets.
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Investors should be able to understand their wealth by looking at a single report.  Each client receives a customized, consolidated report that provides a snapshot, as well as a deeper look into the various holdings that make up their wealth.
  • Cost Effectiveness – For less than the cost of one in-house employee, Comstock provides a team of research and administration support to each client.  With multi-billion dollar purchasing power, we offer boutique investing at institutional pricing.
  • Collaboration with Advisors – Critical to our success is a strong rapport with the client’s other trusted advisors. Legal, tax, and other experts contribute valuable information that allows for more efficient and effective planning for our clients.