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Why Paul Comstock Partners?

We believe that preserving the family capital requires more than focusing exclusively on achieving good investment returns. We advise families on the organization of the family financial capital in a conflict of interest free environment so that our families can maintain the good life.

The good life is generally thought of in terms of succeeding through hard work and enjoying the fruits of that effort.  Unfortunately, many members of families who are the beneficiaries of such success find themselves awash in self indulgent behavior.  Their life centers on fulfilling personal appetites and the need to prove their abilities may or may not be properly developed.  Unfortunately, their quest for the good life frequently results in “eating all the chickens” (capital) and the “eggs” (income or gains generated by the capital).

To avoid this experience, it is necessary that each current guardian of the family capital consider a systematic approach to the preparation of the rising generation to receive it.  They must prepare them both emotionally and intellectually, to be responsible for the care of the “chickens” and do so in a self-fulfilling way.

Our goal is to foster the opportunity for family members to be adequately prepared for the task of living with and managing the accumulated wealth bestowed upon them.  We assist current family fiduciaries in establishing appropriate levels of responsibility for, and control over, that which a beneficiary receives.  This effort has been welcomed by those given the opportunity.  We accomplish the work in a manner that provides future generations experiences for personal growth, community service, and successor wealth management training that exceeds expectations.

Our approach to this effort has been developed over 25 years of experience in serving individuals, families, trustees and exempt organizations on how they can effectively meet current and future financial objectives in a manner consistent with taking prudent risks and doing so with long-term continuity.

Each client will receive exceptional service from a responsive, energetic and multi-disciplined team of professionals and feel as though they are our only client.