Outsourced Family Office

At Paul Comstock Partners, we recognize that family offices & multifamily offices have complex needs that require more than just investment management services. Our multifamily office advisors in Houston, TX provide comprehensive outsourced family office services that deliver a complete range of support for your family’s wealth management needs.

Family Office Advisors with Investment Analytics

Control your risk

Our family wealth advisors utilize active investment analytics to provide you with a customized investment program that manages risk while seeking enhanced returns through every portfolio choice. We understand that every family’s situation is different, which is why we provide extensive market expertise to help you create an appropriate asset allocation strategy.

Diverse Asset Allocation Strategy

Every situation is different​

Our family office advisors in Houston, TX take a holistic approach to your wealth management needs and create a customized asset allocation strategy that takes into account your cash flow management, succession planning, and other factors that affect your required rate of return and tolerance for risk.