Present Position Analysis

What exactly do you own, and why, exactly, do you own it? Every investor needs the information that allows them to answer these two questions.

Complete data

Clear communication is crucial
Good decisions are made from good, complete data, free from conflicts of interest. As your outsourced Chief Investment Officer, Comstock partners with each client with the sole purpose of empowering them to make decisions they can trust.

Present Position Analysis

Impartial and objective
The Present Position Analysis is an exhaustive initial survey of your complete portfolio. We dive deep into each asset, analyzing both the cost and return. We figure out its place in your strategy, and ascertain whether it’s performing in a manner consistent with your financial objectives.

Performance Study

Track your investment

Once we understand each individual asset, we study how well they perform together, and whether your complete allocation yields returns–and hedges against risk–commensurate to your needs. When we find opportunities for improvement, we lend our expertise to guiding appropriate changes. Working hand-in-hand with you and your advisory team, we’ll help reallocate your wealth in an advantageous, tax-efficient way.

While the Present Position Analysis is a one-time service, it often serves as the foundation of a life-long advisory relationship you’ll find enormously beneficial.

Clear communication is crucial to beneficiary/trustee relationships.

Truly informed decisions can be made, maximizing asset performance and realizing the goals and objectives of both parties. The Present Position Analysis is an impartial, objective study of the assets that depend on this relationship, and a powerful tool in helping the two parties see eye-to-eye.