Strategic Planning Services

It’s not only about money…it’s about people.

Strategic Planning Services

Lifestyle Management

Public and Private Investments

Succession Planning


Unlike many investment advisors, we do not subscribe to the “not invented here” philosophy in reviewing existing delegated management and custodial relationships. We seek to honor the client’s existing relationships with investment managers and custodians alike, and will not recommend relationship changes simply because the manager is not among those with whom we currently work.

With each engagement, we visit with every family member as part of our strategic planning. We work through a process we call Getting to the Beginning, wherein we identify the client’s most critical issues, and determine the desired outcomes. We recognize barriers that may prevent those outcomes, and develop action items necessary to eliminate them. We then assign leadership to be responsible for completion of the action items within an agreed-upon time frame, and regularly monitor and report results, turning strategic ‘planning’ into strategic ‘doing’.

Family Advisory Council

The Family Advisory Council (FAC) is comprised of legal, tax, and investment counsel along with other specialists who are free from personal conflicts of interest in the outcomes. The FAC works together in the development of all strategic recommendations and presents them as a Council. The FAC leadership comes from each of the professionals in their area of expertise. All recommendations are presented after a consensus has been reached by the FAC.