Training For A Responsible Transition

Most observers of inherited wealth understand the potential harm to the recipients’ personal development. On the other hand, properly used wealth can assist in providing a venue for self-expression and productivity, realizing enormous personal fulfillment and purpose. Developing an organizational structure that provides family governance and staff/advisor accountability is essential, as is the leadership succession of that structure. Wrestling with individual beneficiary issues such as chemical dependency, sibling relationships, spouse roles, and establishing family office staff accountability often requires specialized guidance and leadership.

Our role

Managing relationships​

We provide comprehensive, hands-on coaching to help beneficiaries become competent custodians of inherited wealth, and to liberate themselves from the stigmas and perceived restraints of their trusts.

Our Beneficiary Boot Camp program helps them develop the discipline, diplomacy and financial acumen necessary to carrying on the family tradition of success. Topics as diverse as budgeting, tracking spending, knowing how to answer the question “so what do you do?” and figuring out how to do something truly significant with their resources help trust beneficiaries build confidence in their management skills, while developing an inspired vision for their life and talents.

The primary emphasis is helping to reconcile the wishes of the family’s wealth creator with heirs’ own dreams and aspirations.