Alison Comstock Moss


(713) 977 2694

As CEO, Ms. Moss provides leadership to the Managing Director Board and is primarily responsible for client service and business development for the firm. Comstock’s core focus is to provide clients with effective and efficient wealth strategies and portfolio management solutions that meet their unique, individual needs.  Ms. Moss works with individuals, families, and their charitable organizations to provide strategic planning and support that preserves capital for current and future generations. She focuses on providing families, trustees or non-profit governance fiduciaries with counsel that is designed to meet the multi-dimensional needs of current cash flows and protecting assets within various efficient investment vehicles such as generation spanning trusts, private investment companies, charitable split interest trusts, private foundations and publicly supported non-profit corporations. Comstock focuses on sound investment principles when providing advice that improves the organization and structure of family and non-profit assets in order to meet the needs of beneficiaries and the multiple decision makers involved in each entity.

Ms. Moss brings expertise and personal experience to wealth succession planning within various organizations (closely held businesses, family offices, & charities).  She advocates for the proper preparation of the next generation through customized programs like Beneficiary Boot Camp as well as Empowering Beneficiaries, LLC, a sister company to Comstock designed to provide extensive resources to engage and empower inheritors of wealth.

Alison is a frequent speaker at national conferences and local chapters of organizations including PPC, YPO, WPO, and L3.  Alison is the Dean of Family Sustainability and Empowerment at the Purposeful Planning Institute.  Previously, she served on the Board of Directors of the Planned Giving Council of Houston.

Engaged in her community, she is a Girl Scout Troop leader and refugee settlement volunteer. Alison served as chair of the Board of Directors of the  River Oaks Chamber Orchestra (ROCO), the Advisory Board for Child Advocates, and as an adoption advocate. Alison earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University.



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