Anne-Elizabeth Huynh, CFA

Portfolio Analyst

(713) 554 0193

Liz supports clients by creating customized strategic asset allocations, overseeing their implementation, and continuing to monitor client portfolios to ensure compliance with investment policies. She is particularly focused on the unique needs of non-profit institutional portfolios, developing customized investment strategies that meet clients’ specific return targets, tolerance for investment risk and market volatility, liquidity needs, and spending constraints while preserving capital.

Prior to joining Comstock, Liz had been living in Paris, France for 11 years working as an entrepreneur. She also served as an Investments Manager in Houston for TD Securities, an investment banking subsidiary of Toronto Dominion Bank.

Liz is a CFA charterholder and earned her Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Pittsburgh with a concentration in Finance. She received her Bachelor of Finance from Texas A&M University.