Our Firm

Wealth management is complex. It requires experience, competence, and sensitivity for the family members involved. This fundamental philosophy means that people are always our primary focus. We at Comstock are in the business of serving individuals, families, family offices, and their philanthropic entities with financial and investment advisory leadership through an organizational process that engages them in a positive experience. Clients always remain in charge.

We are a committed team of wealth management and investment professionals working in partnership with you to enable you to make educated financial decisions. Comstock has provided independent, innovative advisory services to individuals, families, fiduciaries and their advisors for over 30 years. We are paid only by our clients and do not receive compensation of any kind from money managers. Comstock is wholly owned by its employees.

Why should we be your CIO?

Paul Comstock Partners is a truly independent and objective firm that provides in-depth, strategic investment and financial advice. We are innovative (and sometimes contrarian), thorough (we conduct our own client-centered research), and have a long-established track record of providing clients with results that go beyond monetary returns. Our integrity and proven expertise bring clarity to our clients’ decision making, and have helped them to achieve high-quality results time and time again.