Alison Comstock Moss quoted in NY Times

Our CEO, Alison Comstock Moss, was quoted in the NY Times and thought you might be interested in reading the article:

Paul Sullivan at the Times did a nice job highlighting the importance of communication and education with client families to preserve portfolios and relationships.  Whether it’s consolidated reporting to ensure all is accounted for and understood by those not involved in the day-to-day management of family wealth, facilitating family meetings to help the next generation with portfolio management, strategic development of family partnerships to navigate complexity in tax planning and family ownership of assets, or creating a Family Advisory Council – we are dedicated to helping our client families succeed.  The value added through these efforts often surpasses what can be delivered through investment performance.  Integrating good investment decision making with sound governance and planning has been among the most satisfying aspects of my career with Comstock.  In recent years, with the transition from Paul to Alison as CEO, we demonstrated that we also follow our own advice regarding succession and governance. It is gratifying to see Alison now getting similar recognition for her leadership and expertise.

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