FamZoo & Paul Comstock

Teach your kids good money habits with FAMZOO’S ONLINE VIRTUAL FAMILY BANK sponsored by Paul Comstock Partners.

FamZoo is $39.99/year FREE for Comstock client families who sign up here.

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We at Comstock strive to educate our client families on how to take care of their “chicken” while only eating the “eggs” in an effort to preserve capital.

FamZoo is a fantastic tool parents should add to their toolbox to prepare children to take charge of their personal finances as they enter adulthood. Making choices on smaller amounts and learning from their experiences provides valuable life lessons that they can draw from when making much bigger financial decisions.

Comstock is proud to partner with FamZoo.

We invite you to register and get your family started down the path of financial education that will empower them to enjoy a financially fit life for years to come.

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For more information, contact Alison Moss, Vice President.